Automotive Tint & Window Films are our most popular requested modification to any vehicle. An addition like window film is for owner who seek the most out of their in-cabin experience. Protect your interior, your passengers & add a level of security to your vehicle. Do all this while keeping a range of visibility & film clarity.

EST. TIME: 4-6 Hours
COST: Quote; Starting at $120

Why do I want tinted windows on my vehicle?

  • Decreases Heat Absorption: The window film or tint we provide offers up to a 63% reduction in absorption of heat from the sun.
  • Added Level of Privacy: Tired of feeling like you’re driving around in a fish bow? With window tint, it prevents prying eyes and people in rush hour traffic from peaking into your car.
  • Protect Your Interior: Due to the fact that our window tint blocks 99% of harmful UV rays, this reduces the possibility of fading on your vehicles interior over time.
  • Decrease Distracting Glare: Tinted windows are less susceptible to glare from the sun or other reflective objects.
  • Protect Your Belongings: Depending on the percentage of tint you have applied to your vehicle (we offer 35% to 5%), you’re windows will be much more difficult to see though from the outside while still giving you great viability from the inside.
  • It Looks Great! A darker shade of tint can enhance the aesthetics of any car.

I've been quoted cheaper by other shops in town for window tint. Why is EDEN Customs more expensive?

This is a question we get a lot. Our name is only as good as the work we produce, so we only offer the highest quality, ceramic, automotive, window films to our customers and handle every install with care. A customer is paying for an  installer to do their best work to provide the most out of a boxed product. 

Windshield & Window Care

A package for those who either looking for a clean and protected window package. It doesn't sound like much but a filthy contaminated windshield can quickly impair vision. It's not a big issue in sunny weather, because you can easily still see. A dirty windshield is a big issue in bad weather. Can also be a major pet peeve.

EST. TIME: 2-3 Hours
COST: $50-$75

  • Windshield shave with razor blade for the closest clean.
  • Windshield & windows clayed.
  • Glass polished with DA polisher, glass polishing pad and compounds.
  • Coating 

NOTE: Does not include any vehicle detailing or paint correction services. Detailing services and necessary paint correction will be billed additionally.