A package for those who's other pet peeve is a dirty engine bay. Over time dirt, oil & daily life can reduce the appearance of an engine bay. There are plastic covers, stainless bits, rubber hoses & multiple other parts that can cause appearance issues under the hood. Certain cars must be protected or have extra care taken to prevent damage. Other cars are show cars & extra love is needed to polish out certain components. Whatever the case may be let us take care of it for you!

EST. TIME: 4-5 Hours
COST: Starting at $55


  • Certain covers removed, hand wash, cleaned, dried using compressed air and scratch free towels.
  • Engine steam cleaned & de-greased.
  • Engine covers, plastics & rubber cleaned and dressed with water based no-sling formula.
  • Stainless coatings hand polished with a metal polish that contain a protectant.

NOTE: Does not include any vehicle detailing or paint correction services. Detailing services and necessary paint correction will be billed additionally.